Poem: I Think

When time is over and
The dust has turned to dust
And ashes to ashes
That is the time that I must
Come out in the open
Take a stroll and bask
In the glories that they left.

I will be alone
Walking down a desolate street
With a despondent air
Hanging around like a mist.

I will examine with a nonchalant eye
The mess they wrought in the quest
For golden eyrie glories
And then I will look into the skies
And wish for rain to fall.

I will wish for rain to fall
And wash away the blemish
Of their atrocities upon my land
To wipe away the blood
They shed to fulfill avaricious hopes.

For I know their ghosts
Must come back one day
I’m certain they will not
Like to stand and say
Look what we did!

I would like them to suffer
In peaceful judgment
Not disturbed by the painful keen
Of another flawless soul
They slain before the dust
Turned to dust and the ashes
Became the same ashes.
Simon Mbuthia
All rights Reserved©

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