Lira, A South African Jazz Artist in Kenya, 25th April ’09 – ‘South meets East’ Jazz Festival

LIRA, A South African songstress(one who amazingly, I hadn’t known about till today) will be in the country on 25th April ’09  to headline a Jazz event at the National Museum of Kenya dubbed ‘South Meets East’ Jazz festival.
The inaugural festival was created to celebrate the rich relations between the South and East Africa(Kenya) with the aim being to help with efforts in fight against hunger that is currently afflicting many in various Kenyan regions.
Other Kenyan artists who will share the stage with Lira will be Eric Wainaina, Valerie Kimani and other Afro Jazz artists.

LIRA is the exciting new South African R&B performer whose original compositions are distinctly refreshing, evoking authentic expressions of contemporary jazz, and a fusion of Xhosa and Zulu lyrics with Latin rhythms. The title track off ‘Feel Good'(watch the video below), Lira’s successful 2006 debut album on SONY/BMG, topped the Metro FM chart.

There will be a lot of  Gumboot and  Zulu ‘toi-toi’ dance( the legendary South African Dance’s that involves a lot of feet lifting and stamping)

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