Cut Off My Tongue Poetry performance to tour the UK in May at Hampstead, Hay Festival and Centerprise Trust

After a highly successful performance in various stages in Nairobi, Cut Off My Tongue written by Sitawa Namwalie(also known as Betty Muraguri) and produced by Storymoja  will be touring the UK to perform at various theatre stages.

On 23rd May, at 7pm, they will be performing at the Hampstead Theatre on Eton Avenue
in London. To book/buy a ticket,email or call Telephone: 020-7722-9301

Storymoja has also been invited to perform in this year’s Hay Festival following sold out shows in East Africa. This will be their first UK performance. The show will be on Wednesday 27th at Hay Festival in Hay-on-Wye

On Thursday 28th, they will be at Centerprise Trust, Dalston, London

Cut Off My Tongue is a dramatized  poetry performance that rants, sweats, breaks into song and dance as it explores the truths that shape us as Africans: our beliefs, the way we behave and why.

The dramatised poetry of Sitawa Namwalie, woven with music and dance, and infused with humour and satire, engages critical issues such as corruption and the post-election violence, and is a spirited invocation to Africans to colonise their own history. It is about land, about tribe, about politics, about personal discovery, about identity and relationships It is politics – and love – that is personal and palatable, rich in imagery, evoking the contradictions of life.

Cast: Sitawa Namwalie, Muthoni Garland, Alice Karunditu, Amimo Olembo, Chichi Seii, Shan Bartley, Joshua Ogutu Muraya, Grand Masese and Henry Anyanga.

Storymoja is a Kenyan publishing venture formed by a collective of writers committed to publishing contemporary East African writing.

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