Maxwell is back after an 8 year break with not one but 3 new Albums!

I was wondering what happened to Maxwell after his 7 albums that fully defined the difference between R&B and Neo Soul.
I remember when I first heard ‘Get to know ya’ and my! wasn’t that something. And the video to ‘Till the cops come knockin’, enuf said.

He had his signature Afro hair then, well not anymore. The new Maxwell is clean shaven with a pair of designer glasses, heck even his fashion style has changed. ( I want the old Maxwell back!)

Pretty Wings is the only single from one of the 3 albums that has been officially released in various music sites. Maybe its just me but I didn’t find it sounding neo soulish as his previous songs. It has alot of ‘RnBism’ to it.
I am hopeful though that he hasn’t lost his touch with the other tracks in the 3 albums.

Maxwell will release his first new studio album in eight years on July 7.

“BLACKsummers ‘night,” part one of a trilogy, will come out July 7, according to Columbia Records. The second CD in the trilogy, slated for 2010, will be called “BlackSUMMERS’ night,” while part three will be, you guessed it, “Blacksummers’ NIGHT.”

That seems like an ambitious release schedule-three albums in three years-from someone who has waiting eight years between CDs, but music from neo-soul singer Maxwell is a welcome thing indeed.

Maxwell will start a tour in support of “BLACKsummers’ night” on June 20 in Milwaukee. Playing live last summer helped him get his groove back to finish the albums, he tells the AP.

“To have the gift of having people just need me to be onstage … that was enough for me to make the best album I could make,” he added. Additional info from hitfix

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