Photo Gallery: Mstari Wa Nne at Dass and Soulive at Toona Tree

This art events thing has become like a drug coz am getting hooked. I could not miss Rhythm & Spoken at Dass on Friday. Being part of Mstari Wa Nne, we had promised to be there and believe you me, we were felt. Had a real blast with Monique and Stan singing the night into life.
My highlight for the evening was Dennis Inkwa! his Jamaican accented piece on ‘tings ave eard’.
You have to come to the Numetro Junction tomorrow (12th May) for the poetry club to hear him.

DJ Zack of Ghetto Radio was also in the house but despite alot of coercion, he wasn’t upto spinning that evening. Jirongi of ukoo fulani was also around with a fly jungu mamacita! wa I have dreadz too and am artist, how come I don’t get Jungu men! (apparently, this is a common thing in the arts circles, artists getting jungu partners ie. Can someone do some research on this and let me know why this happens.)

The DJ at Dass(sorry didn’t get his name) really knew his stuff! too bad I had to leave early. See all photos here

The next day, Soulive was on. The first soul event of its kind that will now be a monthly thing.
Organised by Waweru of Penya together with Muthoni Music and ESL, the event was at the Blue times, Toona tree restaurant.

I was there by 8.30 though the event didn’t start till 9.30pm. The venue was great although they were quite mean with their seats!, Something that I couldn’t get. I mean, why host an event that you know will attract more than 100 people(they had only set tables for 100pple) and then force patron to go to the other rooms looking for seats! what was the idea behing it, someone enlighten me.

Then their prices for drinks(esp non-alcoholic) made one want to be a drunkard all together. An alvaro that goes for 25bob was selling at ks150. I was pissed off! I don’t think Norfolk even charges that much and even if they do, atleast the ambience justifies the cost. 15obob and no seat to settle on and atleast enjoy the expensive drink. No wonder most of those I saw were settling on only one drink for the night. The management at Toona should re-think their strategy. Kenyans like affordable (almost cheap) things, this entices them to buy more.
Anyway, enuff about the drinks, atleast it didn’t spoil the entertainment.

I’d never watched Muthoni do Live performance and I must say I was not dissapointed, that woman can sing. Muthoni, Ni wega(as one of your songs said, it is well).

Jaqee however stole the show albeit her music being all reggae. Wawesh shared his earlier mis-givings on introducing a reggae artist to a soul liking crowd, it turns out, soulful people enjoy some reggeat sans the jamaican pidgin(patois) and Jaqee had that combination. It made guys skank on the dancefloor like there was a weed supply nearby(maybe there was!…lol)

Unfortunately, I missed the Sauti Soul performance as I was busy trying to locate my bag which had gotten misplaced while I was busy taking these photos(ok ok, I got carried away and started skanking as well…. it was the trance that Jaqee’s music put one in).

I mentioned to Emukule of MTV that I was amazed at the turnout for a first event and his sentiments were, Nairobians are looking for something fresh and Soulive was that fresh air!

Some familiar faces that I saw were Buddha Blaze, Naliaka, Betty Kang’ong’oi, Nynka as well as some fans who had watched me perform at Kwani on Tue 5th. It seems like the Digital Hearts Poem is getting people’s attention, I was called a facebook hater by a certain fan, but she loved it nontheless.

I am trying to upload the videos on youtube(this Picasa is acting up) See photos here

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