The Obamas host a Poetry and Jazz evening featuring James Earl Jones, Esperanza Spalding and Lin – Manuel

You do remember last year just after Barrack Obama won the presidency, he did on ‘Meet the Press’ – a show on CNBC, promise that the White house would open up to jazz and classical artists as well as poets, well it was no bluff.

Well, He did it!
Tuesday night (12th May) saw the Obamas host a night of poetry reading and the spoken word featuring James Earl Jones, Esperanza Spalding and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The night also included musical interludes, modern poetry and excerpts from Shakespeare.

According to the Obamas, it is exactly the thrill of diversity that prompted them to host this as well as a series of other arts events in the mansion. Invited to the microphone this time were eight poets and musicians including the actor James Earl Jones, the writers Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, the jazz bassist among others.

The evening of spoken word, jazz and a sprinkling of hip hop was designed to stress a new era of accessibility at the White House.The evening, which was also attended by the president’s daughters Sasha, 8, and Malia, 10, was inspired by the “poetry slams”, or spoken word competitions, that are popular in the First Family’s hometown of Chicago.

Mr Obama began the event by stating: “We’re here tonight not just to enjoy the works of these artists, but also to highlight the importance of the arts in our life and in our nation.”

Meanwhile in Kenya, only the children finalists of the Music and Drama festivals get to entertain Kibaki and Lucy(who wouldn’t give a rats ***) at their state house residence. And you still wonder why the only mention Kenyan Poets get is at the back pages of newspapers in the past tense.

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