Emcee Africa 2 Kenyan Battle Postphoned to June 6th @ Club Clique

Not sure why this was changed, but it won’t be happening this Saturday (23rd May) as earlier advertised, instead it will be on June 6th. The venue has also changed from the WAPI grounds to Club Clique(someone tell me where this is as I have no clue), formerly K2 Club House(now owned by The Home Boyz)
So for all you who felt like they were not yet ready with their freestyles, well, you now have two more weeks to get your act together especially for those used to using Swa and Sheng. Last time, it was just too hillarious, most talented MCs missed it because ‘ Kuspit kwa Kizungu ilikuwa Ngumu sana’. It might sound unfair but artists need to be diverse.

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