Sade to Launch new Album on November 24th after a 9 year break

Helen Folsade Adu, born in January 16, 1959 in ADO-EKITI Nigeria is better known to her fans as Sade(pronounced as shah day).

I believe that followers of this blog definitely know her and her music. With hits like ‘King of sorrow’, ‘ Lovers Rock’, ‘No Ordinary Love’, ‘Smooth Operator’ and mostly notably ‘Sweetest Taboo’ the list is endless.

I remember the first time I saw her video on the newly launched station, KTN. The show was Jam a delic I think(wa! reminds me of Jimmy Gathu – didn’t I used to envy him then, I think that is one guy who has thoroughly enjoyed his career) but i digress.

The video was ‘No Ordinary Love’ off the album Love Deluxe, where she is deep in the see, dressed like a mermaid. She then swims out and  runs across the streets, bare feet dressed in a white wedding dress. wa! I could not understand that strange feeling as I was still too young. I  later came to know that its called Love. ehhehehe call me whatever u want to call me, I knew love before I felt it(does that make sense)
I rate that is one of my best videos. I could literary touch her feelings.

Sade has so far released 5 albums, all of which were critically acclaimed because of their blend of soulful yet still jazzy fuse of style not to mention her voice which has been described as honeyed.

In the year 2000 after the release of her last album release, ‘Lovers Rock’ which sold 3,881,000 copies in the U.S only, Sade decided to go on a long break for almost a decade, something that Maxwell, a Neo soul singer did also.

She will be releasing a new album in November later this year, one that the production company,Sony is not willing to divulge more details on.

The official website has been updated.[8] The new website allows fans to interact. It has forums and a link to play all Sade’s music. The Sade websites have never included these features before.

The group is in the studio through June and Sony hopes to put the record out by the end of 2009 though, despite rumors, there is no set release date on the calendar.

“She is in the studio and the album will come when it is ready,” a source at Sony told Billboard.

“You don’t wait for years for one and then rush it.”Sade’s longtime bandmate Stuart Matthewman, a.k.a. Cottonbelly, also confirmed that new material is in progress, though he said the project is still in its “early days” and won’t be close to finished until “later in the year.”

Maxwell, a fellow Sony recording artist and longtime friend and collaborator with Matthewman says “Trust me, it’s so monolithic it’ll shake you in your shoes!” he wrote.
Well, I will be wearing well tied boots come November ready to have my boots shaken off(no pun intended)

Enjoy the video

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