Mstari Wa Nne at Capital FM’s Soul Inc with Joey on 6th & 13th June from 5pm

It has been Confirmed!

Mstari Wa Nne will be with Joey on Soul Inc.on 6th June and on 13th June for a 2 hour show of Neo Soul Music, Underground Hip Hop and Poetry – ‘Soul with Swag’.

Mstari Wa Nne which comprises of Mike Kwambo, Grand Master Masese(of the Obokano), Dennis Inkwa, Leon Kiptum and Yours truly is a poetry group that we formed last year inorder  seeing that we all had a common interest in poetry.
Mstari Wa Nne is on a mission. Every piece we do exhibits our passion for poetry, the spoken word and performance; we also feel that it is time for performance poetry to grab its rightful place in the spotlight that it thoroughly deserves.

Mike Kwambo, a poet, singer, Sports blogger and Rugy player together with Grand Master Masese who is just back from a tour of the UK for a poetry show dubbed ‘Cut off my tongue. Masese is also an artist and is known alot for his trademark- The Obokano.
The two will be on the show on the 6th with the rest to appear on the show on 13th June.The show- Soul Inc- which started not so many months ago came as a replacement of a Syndicate Neo soul show by Terry Bellow which I guess is no longer running(Kept hearing a repeat of the same shows on Capital FM).
 It is a 2 hr show that is on every Saturday from 5pm till 7pm hosted by a fresh face and voice to the media fraternity, Joey. Her face can be seen in an ongoing dance competition show that is airing in one of the local TV stations.

Soul Inc is a blend of Soulful music, hip hop music that would be termed as underground, spoken word and poetry. The show is prooving to be a favourite  poetry lovers and neo soul lovers alike. This can be attested by the participation of the listerners in the session that allows then to send in their short poetry/spokenword pieces either via email or sms.
Other poets who have been hosted on the show before are Blackskillz and Sitawa.Thanks Joey for the good work you are doing in giving Kenyan Poets a bigger platform to speak their mind.

 Listen out to the rest of Mstari Wa Nne on 13th June. Those who have attended poetry events where Dennis Inkwa has performed will agree with me that the show will rock. Leon(Chairman) is the sentimetal, mellow flowing poet that cools the stage after the other poets have set it ablaze.

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