Book Reading: ‘It’s Our Turn to Eat’ By Michella Wrong- Discussions by PEN Kenya, 14th June @ Kenya National Theatre

PEN Kenya invites you to an afternoon of readings and discussion of Michella Wrong’s ‘It’s our Turn to Eat’.

TIME: 2-5 PM

Previous libel suits against local booksellers have led to fear and intimidation and the book is currently unavailable in stores. It contains crucial issues for the country, for which reason PEN Kenya endeavors to make it available to the wider public. The books will be sold at a reasonable price of ksh. 900.

Subsequent readings, discussions and book sales will be held around the country. We hope that with more people accessing such information we can take the chance to further reflect on who we are as a country and as a people- our values, practices, institutions and lives- which will be vital in the movement towards sustainable and lasting change.

PEN- In defense of freedom of expression and promotion of literature

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