Emcee Africa Battle did not live upto expectations with Point Blank taking the Kenyan Title

Was at MC Africa for less than 20 minutes within which time, I realized that my Camera was low on charge thus could not take enough photos.I also got extremely bored as I found the battle in its early stages.

Unlike at WAPI where there was freedom of expression, club clique only cliqued with silence. They had even appointed a prefect, Lorna Irungu who kept hashing everyone even when a good emcee was on stage. Ah! kwani am in 4th form(I got suspended for 2 weeks in high school coz of noise making) so I decided to wait for someone else’s review.

This is from a great fan of KP and fellow Poet.
“Was at MC Africa, Point Blank won..but a young cat called Caligraph ..only 17 years old in form four gave him the fight of his life.They tried to force Kimya to the final but the crowd prevailed.
My honest assessment, it was the officials choice to have either Kimya or Point Blank to win…they did not contend with Caligraph…
He outdid Point Blank..Point Blank actually choked but won coz of Caligraph’s age…
He has a tough task ahead at the EmCee Africa finals if his performance sato nite is anything to go by…
As for the judges…Nazizi should not have been among the judges…forget gender balance or anything…
I think a DJ ..a hip hop cat like DJ Adrian would be better laced…honestly..there is no link between NAZIZI and hip hop…she cuts a confused figure..somewhere between a dancehall artist, kapukist and rapper…
Abbas…his ties with Kimya..too close for comfort…maybe some old hip hop head like Kama
Just my thoughts on EmCee Africa…” Thanks M.K for this review.
African Hip Hop also covered the event with the subject EMCEE AFRIKA KENYA..WAS WEAK!!

If you were there, pls send your comments and they will be added to this post.

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