Culture Speak; Pecha Kucha Night Volume 3 @ RaMoMa, 19th June 09 from 8pm

Come be a part of the innovation exchange. Join in Nairobi’s creative culture to see artists, architects, and designers exhibit on Brazilian martial arts, recycled metal works, fashion creations and more. Each presenter shows 20 images and speaks about each one for 20 seconds, for a quick and exciting 6 minute 40 second presentation.

When: TOMORROW! Friday June 19, 2009 from 8pm
Where: At the RaMoMA on 2nd Parklands Ave
How Much: Sh400, Sh 200 for students
Tickets: Buy them at the RaMoMA or book with Kez, or
0733 585 322

Here’s the line-up:
Master of Ceremonies – The Charming Mumo Musuva from Planning Systems
• El Tayib Daw El Beat – Textile designer and visual artist, Kiko Romeo
• Esther Mukuhi – Self-taught visual artist
• Kristina Okello – Lampshade maker, Poles Apart
• Davide Signa – International photographer
• Adam Withey – Recycled metal works
• Rehal – Architect, Studio Infinity Architects
• Rachael Mutindi – Fashion designer, founder of Ki2 Fashion

BEER BREAK: Mix, chit-chat, nosh on delicious bitings from Bella Luna
Bakery, and sip drinks from the Iceman bar.

• Deepa Dosaja – Fashion Designer, Deepa Dosaja: Kenyan Couture
• Movin Were – Comic and graphic artist
• Stacy Brown – Matatu route mapper
• N’gendo Mukii – Animator
• Uhuru Brown – Designer, graffiti artist, and illustrator
• Brian Kassim Owango – Capoeira Instructor

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