Invitation to exhibitions opening on wednesday 24th june 6pm at RaMoMa

You are cordially invited to the following exhibitions opening
on Wednesday 24th June from 6pm at the RaMoMa Gallery in Parklands 2nd Avenue.

ValDor Gallery – SPIRIT. An ongoing exploration by Kamal Shah
Kamal Shah, a stalwart of the Kenyan arts scene, exhibits his recent mixed media artworks and paintings. These recent “explorations” take on a more transpersonal and universally spiritual tone. Works that try to create a healing path with the power to uplift, inspire and project an ideal of what we and our wounded world could become.

Rahimtulla Gallery – Naftal Momanyi Mageto
Momanyi’s sculptures are about introspection; examining one’s own thoughts and feelings, assessing situations in a move to restore confidence. He draws inspiration from the contemporary political climate and political turmoil. He contrasts this with ancient people, strong in faith, intact memories, patience and endurance. His works are designed to generate thought and it is important that the viewer spares and shares a moment in an attempt to restore peace and tranquility amongst global inhabitants.

Dodhia Gallery – Kaafiri Kariuki
The name of Kaafiri Kariuki is synonymous with the intricate and time-consuming technique he calls ‘dancing pen’. He uses this to critique the status of society, something that he refers to as an “ironic existence”. The village, the slum and the “big” city are symbols that he’s always using to base his critical outline with nostalgic references to “naive” Africa. All these are mixed with personal experiences and an attachment to music, which he plays.

Ford Room – Art for Peace and Prosperity by Watoto wa Kwetu
The works by children under the umbrella of Watoto wa Kwetu Trust, an organisation founded by Jacob Njoroge, an artist, depict scenes of aspirations and struggles, achievements and expectations of people in and around Mathare as seen by the young artists. Themes that seesaw between the extremes of social experience are painted with acrylics on large canvases on which they work in groups. An exploration of every canvas takes on a journey that is quite diverse and illustrative of a very Kenyan narrative

Photographers Gallery – Africa Awakes by Manuel Scrima
The objective of Africa Awakes is to enable people to experience the magic and culture of Africa and Kenya. It brings together the power and sheer scale of this continent, combining the energy and fire of the ancient and the new. The exhibition portrays the profound distortions that exist today in Africa, illustrating the reality of life as seen through the eyes of the people, through their customs. It is raw and compelling, highlighting the challenges and contradictions facing Africa today as well as the confrontation between traditional and contemporary ways of life.

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