Mstari wa NNe on Capital FM’s Soul Inc with Joey on11th July from 6pm

On 6th June, Mike Kwambo and Grand Master Masese of Mstari Wa Nne were hosted by Joey of Capital FM in the show Soul Inc. I gave a lengthy post on this here.
The rest of the group however, could not grace the show on 13th June as posted but!

Its now confirmed! The rest of Mstari wa Nne crew – Leon Kiptum(The Chairman),Denis Inkwa and Yours Truly- N.W will be with Joey this Saturday 11th July for some great  poetry and music.

Tune in to 98.4 Capital FM and send in your comments/criticism/ etc.

PS.  Capital FM does live streaming of their radio so no need to worry if you’re not in Kenya

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