A call for Kenyan Poems from Komma – A Swedish Magazine

The literature magazine Komma is based in Lulea, on the northern coast
of Sweden and not far away from the Arctic Circle. Komma publishes
newly written poems and prose. Among those who contribute the readers
will find both established writers and those who are in progress. It
also happens that Komma reviews foreign poetry. They have done so, at
least one issue per year.

Now they would like to put Kenyan poetry in focus and present some poems
for our Swedish readers. Poems to contributed will be published in the March
2010 issue.

Please note that all poems must be written in English and be sent to:
c/o Rask
Stationsgatan 62 C
972 34 Lulea

Submission Deadline: 1st of November 2009.
Contributers will receive two copies of Komma.

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