An African Publishing house joins Google Books with over 1500 titles including African Literature bestsellers

A renown African Publishing house, East African Educational Publishers (EAEP) has joined Google Books in a move that will see them market their books through the Google Search Engine.

EAEP formerly known as Heinemann with its base in Nairobi has over 2,500 titles most of which are in English but with an equally huge collection of books written in Kiswahili(most of those who like me went through the Kenyan Education system must have used Masomo ya Msingi.) They also have books published in Kikuyu and Dholuo as well as the oral literature of various tribes in Kenya including the Maasai, Mbeere and Akamba among many others.

Any ardent lover of African Literature cannot profess to be one without a book by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Chinua Achebe, Meja Mwangi, The Late Cyprian Ekwensi (African Writers Series)as part of their collection. These are some of the books that will be easily available for purchase by users on the internet. The best part about Google Books is that one can peruse through the book as if they were at an actual bookshop before purchasing the book of their interest, this will prove irresistible to many.

I have known about Google Books for quite a while but I must admit that it wasn’t as appealing to me as most of the books on it were not of interest to me but I think with EAEP’s joining, this is bound to change the way most book lovers buy their books online.

Kudos to EAEP for this, I am sure other African Publishers will now follow suite.

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