Kenyan Poets to showcase their talent to Nation Media Group at Kenya National Theatre, Thur 30th

It seems like finally, this Poetry revolution might just be televised.

Out of the many talented poets in Kenya,10 have been chosen to demystify this whole Poetry thing that is taking over clubs/restaurants/public spaces in Nairobi.
The Nation Media Group requested Number 8 to bring together poets in an evening of poetry and some live music on Thursday 30th at the Kenya National Theatre from 6pm.
This, from what Number 8 explained was aimed at giving the NMG a chance to sample Kenyan poetry in its new form away from the drama festival mindset.

All I can say is that they could not have picked a better time and group.
Among the poets who will be performing are :- Tim Mwaura, Specyfied, Julie, Number 8, Obaladan, Imani, Eko Dydda/A.K.A.D.E.M.I.C.S  Yours Truly and Cindy Ogana who will be doubling as the MC for the evening as well as doing some Haiku.

I am hoping that this can turn out to be like the growth of Def Poetry where we can look forward to  having our own show that will get prime time viewership (reminds of of what Cedric says in season 1 of the show, see video below)
The show is free so you have no excuse not to come and show that indeed, poetry in Kenya does have its audience. And a big one at that.
See you there. I have just been informed that this will be a private event and whoever gave the info in the Sunday Nation made a mistake. Sorry for all those who would have loved to attend. Keep it here for info on more shows.

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