Poem: Vision 2030 the state of their eyes by Mike Kwambo

Vision 2030 is just the state of their eyes
it is a vision I don’t think that they shall realize
you see I’m
waking up in the morning
and the mood is like we’re mourning
has it hit them? is it dawning?
do they need so many warnings?
they spoke about
water for all by the year 2000
it is 2009 they ration water in the city..
electricity’s a good commodity to have these days
only when it’s not blacking out like the village drunk…for days
my government…it’s ministries..
they work hard..they’re full of industry
their end result…a mystery
their salaries..our misery
they amazed us the way they used public funds
to fly and watch television far away in Obama’s land
they had the audacity to appeal for famine relief
yet they wallow in opulence that simply brings us grief
they ride in fuel guzzlers..to the big house to muzzle us
they turn a blind eye…the public interest they defy
they reinstate vandals associated with scandals
they are posturing creatures who threatened striking teachers
the economy they spoil..with shortages of oil
food prices they raise..by withholding maize
waiting for disaster at Likoni to rush to the jikoni
wanatime hiyo kisanga ndiyo wanunue ferry wanga
fire fire burning in the city..many people dead..what a pity
state response..kinda shitty…death toll…nearly fifty
they sow seeds of greed..people die from this misdeed
over a hundred dead in Molo..have we buried our morals?
angry people..hungry people..state response..kinda feeble
leaders blame one another for all kinds of alleged evils
they spend their time in political prostitution
forget about things like a new constitution
they engage themselves in self gratification
they are the masters of political masturbation
blind to the facts of instability and starvation
they are extremely out of touch with the nation
vision 2030 is just the state of their eyes…
Mike Kwambo
All rights Reserved©

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