Elimo Njau celebrates 77th Birthday at Paa ya Paa Art Gallery

On Saturday, Phillda Njau(Mama as we fondly call her) invited me to Paa ya Paa for the Elimo Njau’s Birthday on Sunday(Yesterday).

I cannot begin to describe what an honor it was to be among the few invited guests for yesterday’s launch at the residence in Kiambu’s Ridgeways Estate.Their daughter, Phillipa is around and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet her and her son.
Grand Master called me shortly after(still on Saturday) to confirm if I was going. He had also been invited.
The Birthday lunch was to start at 2pm. We got there at half past and I could believe it when I saw Margaretta Wa Gacheru who is around carrying out a research study on East African Art and Culture for her Doctoral dissertation at the Loyola Univarsity in Chicago had preceeded us.

Needless to say, I was smitten to be in her presence. ( I want to be like her when I grow up) She is an inspiration in reviewing works by African Visual artists and sometimes when I write reviews and compare them to hers, I feel like I am doing a great diservice to Kenyan Artists.

 Elimo Njau(Baba) was turning 77 years old. We sang to him in English and even in Kisii.Grand Master read out a poem on Paa ya Paa which capped the afternoon into great words.I got to peform ’10th Daughter of Gikuyu and Mumbi(only wish I had prepared something more personal)
There was plenty of food for everyone, lots of herbal tea, most of which is grown by Elimo. The cake was made from Zucchini, chocolate and many other ingredients I could not pick. It was pure bliss to the tongue. 
I got to talk to Margaretta about this blog and she was quite fascinated by it. Watch this space as I might just be publishing her reviews on various Kenyan Visual artists here.

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