Poem : Rape as a Weapon

To our mothers, sisters and daughters,
Unspeakable horrors visited upon them in the battlefields,
As young as three years old, stories that remain untold,
Hidden in the jungles of the Congo, Goma remains a no go.
The female pain body created affects all women everywhere
For how can innocence be defiled without consequences?
How can a butterfly flap its wings and there not be a storm?
Then we marry the same women and give birth to traumatized children
Even men are being raped to incapacitate them psychologically.
How can a people be so ruthless against their very own?
When did minerals become more valuable than human life?
When did the international community stop caring about the Congolese strife?
Have we not learnt anything from Rwanda, Gaza and the holocaust?
Bernard Muhia
All rights Reserved©

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