Kenyan Arts’ Dependency on Donor Funding; An Interview at Kenya National Theatre

A little over two weeks ago, I met with Margaretta at the Kenya National Theatre in a bid to continue the discussion we had started at Paa ya Paa during Elimo Njau’s birthday party.

Although this blog started out as a space to publish my poetry, with time it has grown to a Kenyan artistic space where all forms of art from Kenya and sometimes beyond, is featured.
As you will note, the mainstream media has been reducing their coverage of art especially Fine art, not because there are no stories to be written about anymore, but rather, a shift in focus. Suddenly we are seeing alot more entertainment and ‘celebridom’. But like a river, somethings still find their way.

This was among the many things that I discussed with Margaretta in what had started as an interview albeit with some discussions.
The clip interview though slightly lengthy give one alot of insights into Margaretta the person, her passion for writing about the arts and her views on the dependency of Kenyan Art on International Donors prompting the quote “Donors often leave artists worse than they found them
My Interview with Wa Gacheru (in MP3 format)

PS. I carried out the interview at the Wasanii Restaurant in the Kenya National Theatre. It seemed a great idea as it was to be a meeting but then I thought, what better way to introduce Wa Gacheru than interview her about who she is and about her writing. What I didn’t factor in was the conversations from the other tables and so, you might hear some murmuring and a few outbursts in the background. 

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