The Poems I performed at the Oliver Mtukudzi show at Club Afrique, 26th Sept09

The show was superb full of energy and full to capacity. As I had mentioned here, I was one of the two privileged poets who had been invited to perform during the ‘Tuku’ Show at Club Afrique.

I will be giving a more detailed review later. For now, I’d like those who missed my performance to know the 6 poems that I performed. I did  a mix of new and old Poems, some of which have been posted here already and some 2 new ones that I wrote specifically for the  show whose theme was on Gender Inequality. The poems were; Low Moments, The paths we took, Fading Faces, Women Behaving Badly, Marriage and What is to be a Man?

In the haste of making it to the venue in time for soundcheck all the way from Mt. Kenya region where I had another function, I forgot to carry a camera. I have to wait for 3rd parties for some footage of the event.  In other words, sorry no pictures till otherwise posted. If anyone took, please share.

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