An Artist’s Day at the Murumbi Peace Memorial on 25th Oct 09′- A celebration of E.Africa’s most Famous Sculptors

On March 29th, 2009, the Murumbi Peace Memorial was opened at the Nairobi City Park. It encloses the graves of Joseph and Sheila Murumbi as well as a sculpture garden created by artists who were close to the couple (see map above).

On October 25th, 2009, the artists whose works are on display at the Murumbi Peace Memorial will gather there to show and view their works at 11 a.m. After a brief opening ceremony, guests are invited to view additional works by these artists at the reception area of the National Museums of Kenya.

Joseph and Sheila Murumbi were among Africa’s greatest collectors, at the forefront of preserving and protecting African culture. Joseph Murumbi was the first Foreign Minister of Kenya and the country’s second Vice President. He is remembered as a politician of honour, who abhorred corruption.

He resigned as Vice President in l966, less than a year after his appointment, largely due to the assassination of his friend and mentor, Pio Gama Pinto (who is buried nearby Murumbi’s grave in the old cemetery in Nairobi City Park). Murumbi’s departure from the government set the country on a very different course. He then devoted his time to collecting books and art. In 1972, Murumbi and his
wife co-founded African Heritage Pan African Galleries with Alan Donovan.

The Murumbi Peace Memorial is one of the few places in Nairobi where sculptures by leading
sculptors of the continent may be viewed in an open space. The Nairobi City Park provides a
magnificent backdrop for them. The Artist’s Day on October 25 will celebrate all artists and their
works, but especially the pioneer sculptors whose works are displayed at the Murumbi Peace Memorial:

Read a profile of some of the artists who will be exhibiting their works here.

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