Exhibition Openings and Art Auction at RaMoMa from 7th Oct

RaMoMA – Museum of Modern Art
invites you to
the opening of the following exhibitions
on 7th October 2009 from 6pm
(special opening for Moyra Earnshaw on Sunday 11th Oct from 11am – 1.30pm)
The exhibitions close on 29th October 2009

ValDor Gallery – The Tarot – Moyra Earnshaw

The cards found me many years ago and I have been fascinated ever since by the richness of their imagery. I decided to paint the Major Trumps or Arcana, not to redesign them but through them to embark on the age old quest of the hero which appears in every culture under the guise of myth and legend. Each of these twenty two cards describes a stage in the journey of life which is crucial in some way to expanding self awareness. I have painted my response to the riddle in each card sometimes in an abstract way and sometimes figuratively. For me the cards are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for art and life.

Dodhia Gallery – Shine Tani
Shine prides himself as a self taught artist and a founding member of the Banana Hill Art Studio, which he directs today.
In the upcoming exhibition, Shine is confronting politics and the messy result it has created in Kenya in the last two years. He views himself as a recorder of information or an archivist. He says until this information is documented for future generations, then that generation will never know or understand it’s genesis. Like a preacher, there may be only one theme in the message but one has to project it in many varying ways until the message is passed on.
Shine has his work in many collections and publications.

Rahimtulla Gallery – Camille Wekesa
Camille Wekesa works primarily as a mural artist but has always enjoyed landscape painting of Kenya’s stunning and varied scenery. These paintings have been inspired by several safaris since her return from London in November last year. She visited the desolate and beautiful Shaba national reserve for the first time, travelled up to Western Kenya amongst the lush farmlands and then up towards Tsavo East with its dry scratchy bushland and verdant green vegetation along the river banks.

Ford Room Gallery – Kenya Quilt Guild
Inspired by quilters in South Carolina, USA, and with their permission, the Kenya Quilt Guild Members have created an exhibition of “Artful Bras”. This consists of over 50 original works of art which are amusing, humorous and beautiful. The aim is to make the public aware of the Breast Cancer, to re-memorise those who have lost their lives to the disease and honour survivors.

RaMoMA is open 7 days a week 9:30am – 4:30pm
open on Saturdays till 6:00pm, closed on public holidays

Lunchtime talk by
Peter Elungat
Thursday 1st October 2009
At RaMoMA, 2nd Parklands Avenue
From 12.30 – 2.15pm

Program: Peter will talk about his work and a light lunch will follow from Café Tasse, RaMoMA
Kshs 1500 per person (ADVANCE BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL as space is limited: oneoff@africaonline.co.ke)
Ticket price includes Vegetable Quiche with Salad or Quiche Lorraine with salad, a bottle of mineral water and either tea or coffee.

7.30pm – Dress to impress – Tickets 3000/- each
Imagine sitting down in RaMoMA’s Dodhia gallery to a fabulous Baroque style dinner
followed by an entertaining art auction, the proceeds of which will support
Kenyan art and artists through RaMoMA.

The gallery will be candle lit, the music will be by Vivaldi and his contempories , the dinner will be a 3-course extravaganza enjoyed at a beautifully decorated table with specially blown glassware courtesy of Kitengela Glass. The food, specially made by a renowned International chef in conjunction with Cafe Tasse, will be plated and plattered to ensure maximum enjoyment with the minimum of effort.
Auction of eleven paintings by Kenya’s best known artists including: Patrick Mukabi, Mary Collis, Peter Ngugi, Peter Elungat, Kamal Shah, Tim Brooke and Samuel Githui
Write to RaMoMa – ramoma@africaonline.co.ke

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