Poem: Connect by Marten Schoonman

Leaders decide, society sighs
What will happen in Williams life?
His family waits, the pots are all empty
William wonders, he wonders what next

Data streams fly, invisible chats
On cars and refrigirators with features for rich
William unknowing what other moan
He sits in a chair and chews on a stone

The web is the greatest, some live connected
They forget who they are when the PC’s affected
Life is connected, but not with a wire – you know
wires too much, too many wires

Are we connected, are we you think?
In one way or another, do we connect?
Do nations and people of different standards?
Do children here and elsewhere connect?

Invisible line, songlines think some
Travel our land, sky and our water
Success and suffer cross space with eachother
William wonder, what will he do…

..call a friend or just pray for the best

PS. Inspired by my piece, Digital Hearts
All rights Reserved©
By: Marten Schoonman

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