A snapshot of the Stop Hunger in Kenya Concert featuring Oliver Mtukudzi, Suzanna Owiyo and other African Artists

Last Saturday(17th) was quite an eventful one with 2 events that were set to take place the same evening in different parts of Nairobi. Just A Band were launching their 2nd Album title ’82’ at the GoDown Art centre from 7pm. On the other side of town at the Bomas, Action Aid with collaboration from various other organisations were hosting various artists from around Africa in a bid to raise money for those dying of hunger in Kenya.

The concert had brought together Professor J, AY from Tanzania, Ntsika from SA, Didier Awadi from Senegal, Kidum from Burundi, Wahu, Nameless and Suzanna Owiyo from Kenya and the show stopper, Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe.

The turnout was huge despite the cold weather and a sky that threatened to open up anytime and needless to day I had to give the Album launch a miss.
I needed to take photos of Oliver which I failed to do during his previous performance a few weeks ago. He however declined to take photo with fans but I did manage to capture some good moments and even pulled a ‘hand on KICC’ photo stunt.

PS. Mstari wa Nne fully represented and we had a great time listening to some poetry perfomance by Ntsika. Denis actually made the whole congregation sing the Kenya National Anthem at some point just before a speech by one of the organizers.

Enjoy the album and the short clips of Tuku’s team thoroughly entertaining revelers.


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