Watch Mstari Wa Nne on K24, Sunday 1st Nov from 6pm

Last Sunday 25th was the Daniel Pearly World Music Day at the Paa Ya Paa gallery in Ridgeways Kiambu. Mstari Wa Nne crew, now the official poets for the event, were there and did more than just wow the many friends of Elimo, Phillda and the US Embassy.

The K24 crew was there and they decided to interview us. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, Mike Kwambo was missing in action in the whole interview, he did however perform 2 great poems on Harmony for Humanity. Denno, I need to feature your poem on IDPS on this blog.

Watch this show on Sunday 1st November from 6pm.

A shout out to Remmy or K24, still waiting for you in your other life as a poet.

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