National Blackout, A missed interview show and a date with Braeburn School

I had mentioned(read -mildly bragged) that our Poetry group, Mstari wa Nne would be appearing on K24 for as part of an Entertainment show during the Daniel Pearl World Music day celebration at Paa Ya Paa. Apparently, the show did not come and even if it did, the whole country was in the dark due to a black out whose cause is yet to be established.
I will be following up with Remmy of K24 on this.

In other news, we (Mstari) have received and Invitation from Braeburn Garden Estate School  for a performance during their closing day towards the end of November. This was after our performance at PYP, something that really impressed the invited guests.

More details will be coming soon when the date and time is confirmed. I must say this is a great opportunity for us to inspire students who still frown at the mention of poetry. I hope that we can get more invites from Learning Institutions.

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