Al Kags’ Living Memories Book Launch, Dramatized Performances and Halfway between Nairobi and Dundori.

On Wednesday 11th November 2009 at the Louis Leakey Hall at the Nairobi Museum, Story Moja  in collaboration with with Kenya Museum Society will be launching Living Memories; Kenya’s Untold Stories, a book by Al Kags with an on-stage rendition  

Living Memories is a testimonial project in which Al Kags spoke to people over 65 years of age and simply recorded the story of their lives during the Emergency days – it is the stories of ordinary people surviving extraordinary times and how they have shaped who we are.

There will also be a rendition from Muthoni Garland’s 2nd  book, Halfway between Nairobi and Dundori…
Gate fees: Kshs. 400

About Al Kags
Alex Kagwe (born on August, 13 1980), who changed his name to Al Kags, is a prominent writer and poet in Kenya. He is the founder of the Al Kags Trust for Poetry. He is also the creator and publisher of the Quarterly Colour Series of Poetry, which started September 2006 and is read by over 175,000 people around the world. Al Kags is also a leading entrepreneur in ICT and media circles.

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