Ukurasa- Simple Reading; The new Social Medium for book lovers

Virn Instruments company, a firm run by Kahenya Kamunyu whom I first met during the first ever Bar Camp in Kenya a year ago has embarked on a unique project dubbed Ukurasa (page in kiswahili)

Ukurasa is a social media site for books that is geared towards the exchange of books through either sale or sharing as well as place where would be writers can get to write books online through their personal account and get their book published and sold on the same platform. One can also buy or borrow books they see with the Ukurasa community and see the collection points which have been enabled through Google Maps.

Ukurasa whose slogan is ‘Simple Reading‘ will help those like me who find it a task going to a book library/bookshop to borrow/buy a book. All one needs is an account with any social network(it currently working with  Twitter accounts but soon to incorporate Facebook, Myspace and Gmail),an Mpesa/Zap enabled phone and a reading appetite.

Those who will be attending ‘The Breakaway‘ on Saturday 14th Nov at the Kenya National Museum will have a chance to hear about it from Kahenya who is also one of the speakers. (Sadly, I won’t be there)

But Hey! Finally I can make some money from those books that I don’t mind getting rid of and hopefully get any of James Baldwin’s books for a lower rate or someone who’s willing to lend me their copy.

Log on and test the site. It will be fully up next week.

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