Sir Tim Berners – Lee; The WWW Inventor lands in Kenya and talks to Skunkworks & Innovators at Strathmore University

Credited with inventing the World Wide Web(WWW), Sir Tim Berners- Lee is in town and was today  at the Strathmore University for an Interactive IT education session for IT professionals, students and innovators. Various skunkworks innovators had been invited to showcase their IT innovations(and prove that we are not just a continent ridden with poverty AIDS and other lethal diseases – I added that last part)

The event had been put up on FB but it was an invite from Wilfred Mworia of African Pixel that led me to the actual FB invite. I did tweet about it but unfortunately, due to the short duration in planning and announcing, the event was not attended as one would expect, especially so because the father of the WEB was giving a talk.

It was planned to start at 8.30 but did did not start till after 9 with opening remarks from Alex Gakuru.

Some of the innovators who got 10 mins each to talk were:-

Mbugua Njihia – Sembuse (Mobile social network)
Gichingiri – (for online website listing and website reviews)
Wilfred Mworia – Apps for Iphones, African Pixel and Afrinnovator
Mugambi – Jahazi (Local Kenyan internet content)
Emmanuel Kaala – Ushahidi (crowdsourcing crisis Information)
Liko – Pesa Pal (An e-commerce platform for Kenyans)

Tim Berners did give an interesting talk on what led to the invention of the net, the tremendous growth that it has undergone, the future as well as some word of caution to the bloggers and the twitterers. This was in regards to dissemination of accurate information and self regulation.

As the event came to a close, Alex decided to pull a fast one on me seeing that there was no gender sensitivity on the podium. I got to talk about the blog, Kenyan bloggers and answer the challenge posed by Alex and Tim Berner on self regulation of bloggers.

The event ended with closing remarks from Phares Kariuki as we headed out for some snacks courtesy of Strathmore University.
Watch the rest of the photos here.

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