Mukoma Wa Ngugi’s Detective Fiction Novel ‘Nairobi Heat’ now out

Mukoma Wa Ngugi the son of renown writer Ngugi Wa Thiong’o was in Kenya during the Story Moja Hay Festival in August and he did talk about this new Detective Fiction Novel that he was working on that is set in Nairobi.
Nairobi Heat is finally out published by Penguine South Africa.

About the Book
When a beautiful blonde girl is found murdered on the porch of an African university professor in Maple Bluff, Madison, Wisconsin, hard-working African American detective Ishmael Fofona knows immediately that it will be the news event of the year. What he cannot know however is that the discovery of the dead girl will change his life forever and that barely seventy-two hours after being called to the scene he will find himself on African soil, hunting for clues in a case that seemingly makes no sense. Why would Joshua Hakizimana – a hero of the Rwandan genocide, a man who had saved hundreds of people from the machetes of the genocidaires – kill a random white girl and then dump her body outside his house? The answers, it would seem, lie in Africa. And there is only one way to get at them.
Read his interview with Chimurenga, in which he talks about the book and the why he has now ventured into  this genre of writing.

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