Kenya Gives a New definition of term ‘Festival’ with Kinanda and Sierra Jazz Safari in December

December seems to be the month of musical festivals though the month is in itself is a  festive season due to the much hyped christmas celebrations.

There are 2 confirmed festivals already. Sierra Jazz Safari Festival organised by the Sierra Premium Beer is set to take place on the 4th of December at the Louise Leakey Auditorium, Kenya National Museums. The main acts for the evening will be Gerald Albright, an American Jazz Saxophonist and  Uganda’s TShaka Mayanja  who is the Jazz Safari creator as well as Valerie Kimani and Kanjii Mbugua(am not sure when Kanjii crossed over to Jazz).

Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festival has been slotted on 12th of December coinciding with the Jamhuri Day Celebrations. It will be at the Uhuru Gardens. Entry fees will be Ksh. 1,500.

The festival will bring Freshly Ground– A South African Afro-fusion band made up of 7 artists. The group is famed for their hit Doo be Doo.

They will perform alongside Kenya’s own Eric WainanaSauti Sol, Maia, Atemi Oyungu, Ma3 as well as a host of other Kenyan Artists.

I am however still looking forward to a time when we can have an actual arts festival that will be week long  like say the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of African Festival or Arts in Chicago Illinois this year or the Arts Festival of Southern Africa 

Also of note(though on a more self-centric note) Bennie Man will be performing at the Carnivore’s Simba Salon on Sunday 6th Dec in a show that is exclusively for the VIPs. There are only 1,000 tickets which are being sold on a who are you/who do you know basis. The show is being organised by the HomeBoyz co.
When I mentioned this to a friend, this were his comments;

 That is a case of poor marketing strategy by the organisers. Which VIPs listen to raggamuffin?

He does have a point there, unless the Kenyan VIPs can gyrate to Sim simma, King of de Dancehall and Back it up. Since I am not a VIP,(Check out Nneka’s intepretation of VIPs from her 2nd Album, No Longer At Ease)I will just look for Bennie’s live concerts online(thank God for torrents) and watch it in high volume!…lol
Let the festivals begin…………..

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