Fading Faces and A Tribute to Dennis Brutus

KP has been on a short break, a good time to relax in the countryside re-strategizing on various things on the site my poetry.
As I mentioned here,  my book is due in March. For those who did not read the Sunday Nation on the 20th Dec, I disclosed the title of the book which will be ‘Fading Faces’  inspired by this poem of the same title.

It has been 4 year now since I started this blog. I believe that its now time to make it into something bigger and better……………

On a sad note, one of Africa’s great Poets, Dennis Brutus passed away on 26th December 09. He was a was a renown South African activist, educator, journalist and poet. He has published more than  10 collections of Poetry and will be remembered for his protest poetry against the South African Apartheid system.
Find some of his poetry and other works.
I leave you with one of his poems – ‘Their Behavior’

“Their Behavior” by Dennis Brutus
Their guilt
is not so very different from ours:
— who has not joyed in the arbitrary exercise of
or grasped for himself what might have been
and who has not used superior force in the
moment when he could,
(and who of us has not been tempted to these
things?) —
so, in their guilt,
the bared ferocity of teeth,
chest-thumping challenge and defiance,
the deafening clamour of their prayers
to a deity made in the image of their prejudice
which drowns the voice of conscience,
is mirrored our predicament
but on a social, massive, organised scale
which magnifies enormously
as the private deshabille of love
becomes obscene in orgies.

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