There is freedom of speech if you don’t speak too much; Cartoonists declare at the Alliance Cartoon exhibition opening

Yesterday was the  opening day for the exhibition Rolling with Punchlines” which was organised by the E.A Cartoons Ass.(KATUNI) in conjuction with the Swiss Embassy at the Alliance Francaise.

The event had been preceded by an awards ceremony recognizing exemplary Kenyan Cartoonists for the year 2009. The awards ceremony was at the Swiss Ambassador’s residence in leafy Muthiga suburbs.

And the winners were:-
a) Best Overall Cartoonist –  Victor Ndula(The Star )
b) Best Caricaturist – Micheal Munene(The Standard)
c)Best Editorial Cartoon – Alphonse Omondi (The star)
d)Best Cartoon comic strip – Frank Odoi
d) Best illustrator – Ngamau aka Gammz ( The Standard)

The function started with opening remarks by Patrick Gathara who was part of the organizing group for the workshop. I could not help but notice that Gathara had shaved off his dreadlocks(I sure hope it was willfully and not some cop who decided he looked like Gen. China) He looked more like a banker or a businessman than an artist.
The Swiss Ambassador to Kenya was also present and he gave a brief speech as he welcomed, Switzerland’s best Cartoonist, Patrick Chappatte to talk about the joint venture.

After the nice short speeches, I went round looking at the various cartoon drawings on display while spotting some familiar faces like Betty Caplan, Mike of Kwani, KenyanChristian and Muki Garang

After the exhibition we went into the auditorium where Muki performed a slide show aided poem in form of a news report on various happenings in Kenya with a touch of humor (nay, lots of satire).

His performance was followed by a short animation on cartoon drawing and thereafter a discussion with the various cartoonists on their role in Ethnicity and coming up with a Kenyan Identity. Both Patricks’ were moderating the talks as well as questions from the audience.

Conspicuously missing in action were Gado, Maddo and Kham.

From the comment that I received today morning coming from one of the guests at the exhibition, it is safe to say that its best to leave cartoonists to do what they do best, Draw.

 Empower Kenya said…

I attended the exhibition yesterday. I loved the most of the work. It seemed to have been well attended.

My only disappointment was the forum. I guess there is a reason that these guys are cartoon artists and not spokespersons.

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