Soweto Gospel Choir, Akon & Keri Hilson bring some African touch to Football

A combination of good sounds and great video to bring you a song that will become almost an African Anthem during the World Cup in SA next year.

I might sound like a hater but I felt that AKon was giving the whole song a thugish, whoreish, smack that A$$ effect to it removing the patriotism in the lyrics. ( I guess I have heard too many of his “listen to the edited version” music) and  he is starting to sound like Beyonce – Like the music they’d play in a torture chamber.

The video is however very well done, great images showing that Africa is full of colour, art, life and rhythm. I also loved the scene where all these football icons hit a ball which turns to paint splattering their image on a wall- quite creative. It would have been great, had he Akon worn some Agbada(something African) at some point coz after all, he still an African. – He still had the rapper look.

But all in all, I hope it makes your weekend.

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