Pentamony; Kenyan Urban Fusion Group at Goethe Institut, 20th Feb 2010

* WHERE: Goethe-Institute Nairobi
Monrovia Street
* WHEN: Saturday 20 February 2010 – 6 PM
* ENTRY: Free

Pentamony is a vocal group consisting of songwriters, lyricists, music educators, instrumentalists, composers and arrangers, namely Philip Tuju, Seamus Njuguna and Benson Mutahi.

They are driven by a pioneering spirit, a willingness to explore new musical horizons and open to the wealth of creativity around them. Their debut album Everything We Feel is in the stores. They have released three singles of their album namely Hey Hey Baby, Combi, and Amini.

Pentamony recently returned from their second European tour where they performed in Norway. The group also recently won two Kisima Awards: one for the “best group urban fusion” and the other for “the album of the year”. Pentamony have started their own recording studio and are working on film scores and on their second album.

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