Pan Africa Media Conference 18th March, 2010; Reflections of the Past, Present and Prospects for the Future

2 days ago, I received an email invitation from the Pan Africa Media Conference (PAMC 2010) organizing secretariat, a 2 day event due to be held on Thursday 19th March  at the KICC, Nairobi

The conference will feature New Media as part of the discussions and who would be better  to give insights into this citizen journalism than bloggers.

The event which is being organised by the Nation Media Group(NMG) in conjuction with Africa Media Initiative(AMI) will be hosting ; 2 presidents, 3 former presidents as well as other dignitaries.

The panel of speakers will include renown journalists, accomplished entrepreneurs, environmentalists and scholars

I must say I am looking forward to the conference as just the mere invitation of bloggers is a good indication that our significance in the media world in Africa is receiving the much craved recognition. Unlike in Europe where accredited blogs server as news sources and references, Africa is yet to get there. Bloggers or citizen journalists as most prefer to be called, as still largely viewed as idle youth(mostly techies) with free internet who just want to rant or vent about some personal issues. Well, that was then(about 6yrs ago), now, there are many blogs that are professionally ran giving valid valuable information that is immediate; some of the insightful posts fill the void of niche reporting that is quickly being created by mainstream media.

But all said and done, there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed in regards to new media. Like with every revolution, teething is a part of it.

The discussion on New Media will be on Friday 19th starting at 8.30am. The panelists will be Matthew Buckland, Digital head, Media 24, South Africa and  Isis Nyong’o– Business Development Manager Google Kenya moderated by Ms Ory Okolloh Co-founder and Executive Director of Ushahidi.

The topic of New Media will be revisited again, this time under the discussion on  Media Freedom; A balance sheet. with the question.
4. What, given the growth of new media and citizen journalism, is the future of media in Africa?

I hope that the conference will mark a turning point in how new media is viewed in Africa. To attend the conference, see the attendance rates.

Diamond Trust Bank(DTB) is the conference lead sponsor.

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