Ngwatilo Mawiyoo publishes her ‘blue Mothertongue’ poetry collection

There’s a new book out there, which you must have. For those of you in
Nairobi, you may pick it up this weekend at Silverbird bookstores,
Bookstop, Textbook Center and a few other bookshops…
blue mothertongue” written by Ngwatilo Mawiyoo a talented poet and performer.
“Utterly contemporary and distinct from that verse which so often
talks only to itself, Mawiyoo’s poetry will talk to you, as it did to
“It is the friction between cultural loyalties that informs Ngwatilo
Mayiwoo’s poetic sensibility. Not for her the strident declarations of
racial pride or the stirring evocations of an idyllic Africa destroyed
by the outsider that marks much of the poetry that came before hers.
She is content to let the specific suggest the empirical and the
mundane to suggest the profound.

When those of her own generation have children, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo will
have provided them with teachable, homegrown specimens of the poet’s
craft that will be a worthy testament to her times.”
Would love to hear the thoughts you have on it as you read it – I know
a couple of you have already seen it…share…
I have had a chance to peruse through the book, loved the simplicity and the outline done by Jim Chuchu. Kudos to Ngwatilo.
Look out for “blue mothertongue” – The Show!

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