Photos of the Pan Africa Media Conference at the KICC on 19th March, 2010

Yesterday(19th March) I was at the KICC for the Pan Africa Media Conference hosted by the Nation Media Group as part of their 50 year celebration since its inception.

The highlight for the day was ‘New Media’ which got the speakers and everyone in the conference discussing what the future holds for Journalism with the shift brought about by Internet enabled phones, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, My Space and new technologies in general.

Despite the founded concerns of info integrity, sensationalism and all the ills that are being brought about by this new media, what came out is that it(New Media) is and will definitely change the way news is reported.

This was vindicated by the mere fact that the NMG recognised the potential in twitter in giving live news broadcasts. They placed tweet feeds on their websites throughout the conference. The twitter tag was #AfMediaConf. This was a first for the Media House.

The conclusion was that, new media should be harnessed to work with old media for the two to compliment each other and offer the best of both.

Enjoy the moments captured during this historic event.

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