A photo review of Rhythm & Spoken poetry night at Dass

Friday 19th was the Rhythm & Spoken Poetry night at the Dass Restaurant in Westlands. I had written about it here.
I arrived at Dass at around 8pm with Kahenya – a fellow blogger, entrepreneur and a good friend who was experimenting with ‘a different sort of entertainment on a Friday‘. He had earlier written this letter which I found very creatively done and which I felt qualified to be termed as prose. During the Pan Africa Media Conference, I invited him, Samantha Spooner and Mwenda wa Micheni for the poetry night. I managed to convience Kahenya do read his letter at the Dass, see the video here

Samantha joined us a little later but Mwendwa could not make it. In the house was the full Mstari wa Nne crew, Maia Von Lekow who was the evening’s main act, Ngwatilo – Featured Poet, Stan (of song Gashungwa), Polycarp of Sauti Sol and Waweru of Penya Africa production House.

The event started off slightly after 8.30pm with a poem by Samir read by Solo off Samir’s 2nd poetry book.

I have never heard Maia perform live before. She is sensational. She seemed to blend the voices of Asa, Ayo, Neka and Adele to one while still retaining the authenticity with her Kiswahili lyrics.

She and Kato Change her Guitarist performed several songs in between poetry performances to make the evening a truly Rhythm and Spoken one.

Kudos to Naliaka and the Project Heshima team for organizing a ‘neocentric’ event and keeping us dancing till midnight.

Got some good photos to capture the moments. Enjoy the slide show.


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