Concert: BLNRB – NRBLN, featuring Musicians from Nairobi & Berlin at Club Undecided, 27th March

* WHERE: Club Undecided
* WHEN: Saturday 27 March 2010 – 10 PM
* ENTRY: KSh 200

BLNRB – NRBLN is a project of bands and musicians from Nairobi and Berlin who together try to fathom the borders between electronic music, hip-hop and African musical traditions.

Participants from Berlin are the DJ-Duo Teichmann Brothers, Modeselektor, for long an institution in matters pertaining to electronic music and the Berlin-based multinational trio Jahcoozi. Kenyan participants of the project are to date the hip-hop collective Ukoo Flani as well as the MCs Abbas Kubaff, Nazizi, Kimya and Lon’Jon. The visual arts will be designed by Just A Band.

Since February 2009, the musicians have been working together, from hitherto two journeys have emerged the first recordings. The song “Msoto Millions” from Ukoo Flani and Jahcoozi will feature in the Berlin Label BPitch Control album “Barefoot Wanderer” by Jahcoozi. The piece “Dirty Laundry”, a collaboration between the Teichmann Brothers and the MCs Mr. Abbas, Kimya and Lon’Jon is to be heard on the movie “Soul Boy” from Hawa Essuman and Tom Tykwer.

BLNRB – NRBLN is organized and curated by Goethe-Institut Nairobi and the Berlin Djs Andi and Hannes Teichmann.

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