Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 6th -7th May in Santiago, Chile

It is now confirmed, I will be going to Santiago, Chile for the annual Global Voices’ Citizen Media Summit 2010 The summit which brings together bloggers from all over the world will be held at the Santiago Public Library on the 6th and 7th of May.

Global Voices Online is an international network of bloggers and citizen journalists that follow, report, and summarize what is going on in the blogosphere in every corner of the world.

Getting a visa from the Embassy of Chile has been a nerve wrecking experience since I had to get a yellow fever jab, cert of good conduct, and wait for at least a month. I only picked it from the Chile Embassy on Riverside Drive yesterday. But despite the delays and requests for more documents(bank statements etc), Mary at the Embassy has been of great help. Fortunately I can now relax and hope to get to Chile on 5th May evening (Its a whole 36hrs journey).

 The summit will be on the rise of the Citizen Media as well as case studies of the start of blogging in Uruguay, the empowerment of women activists in Yemen among many other discussions which will be in form of  plenary discussions, topic-based breakout groups, and open sessions using an “unconference” format in which participants can propose discussions topics and hands-on training workshops(those who have been to a Barcamp event are familiar with this)

I have been writing for Global Voices Online for quite sometime now focusing mostly arts bloggers not just in Kenya but also in Africa.

Will definitely keep you updated on the events as I bet I might be doing some live tweets at the event as well as taking some photos. The  tweet tag for the summit will be #GV2010.

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