‘Mines & Mind Fields; My Spoken Words’ finally arrives in Kenya retailing at Ksh. 750

After what has seemed to me like the longest wait ever, My book is finally available in  Kenya.

So far, Africa Book Service (ABS) is confirmed, my publisher is still talking to various other bookshops to stock the title. Apparently, most publishers don’t fall over themselves seeking to stock poetry books but I am hoping that by your frequent requests, they will look for it.(It was hinted to me that the book needs to be in demand for most of  them to stock it)

So, for those of you who have been dying to get a copy, head on down to Africa Book Service situated  along Koinange Street opposite the Zain Service Center and what was formerly Kengeles (I suck at directions)

The book is going for Ksh. 750.

The launch is tentatively set for 19th of June, I will confirm the full details once they are firmed up.

Email me in case you have any problems or further queries(like interviews or autographs……lol)

The book is now also available at the following book stores
– All Siverbird Media Stores
– University of Nairobi Bookshop
– Book Point along Moi Avenue

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