A night of Poetry Art and Music at Karen Country Lodge

Last Friday 18th, we were at the Karen Country Lodge for the ASAP event organized by Kaz. The event is a monthly one which started not so long ago. It hosts an Artist, A singer and a Poet hence the initials. Quite a well thought out concept.

The event was set to start at around 8 and as I got to learn, the place had been fully booked(guys had been encouraged to book in advance)

As I later shared with my crew – Mstari Wa Nne, its like the old Kwani crowd had moved and was now the resident crowd for the ASAP event. Binyavanga, Judy Kibinge, Mumbi Kaigwa, Nini Wacera and Wanuri Kahiu with their friends were all there.

At 9pm, the show started, the host, Kaz who started by telling the audience about the event with info on the feature artists for the evening.

Gakunju Kaigwa had a lovely collection of earrings. This was indeed a surprising sight for me for I have always known Gakunju for his amazing sculptures. It seems like he is now venturing into more crafts judging by the earrings and mwikos he had at his dispaly table.He did manage to still squeeze me some space for the several copies of my book that I had carried with me.

Mstari was set to go first. Grand Master Masese who never disappoints with his Obokano hit the stage followed shortly by Dennis Inkwa who turned out to be the crowd’s darling being called up towards the end of our act to do  a performance with Kaz. His poems on IDPs, the new book he is writing and the rather short one on life in comparison to his (Vuvuzela) left everyone in stiches.
Next was yours truly  got on stage with ‘When Change Comes’,  ‘Hiphop’ and ‘My Words’.

The Chairman aka Leon was truly the evening’s love doctor. His love prescriptions and dosage of his poetic medicine that he administered to the crowd got ladies making all sorts of sounds and the men threatened by the smooth  lines  which am told did ‘Charm some pants off’ as his poem went. My best poem from him that evening was the one about the lady who wanted “John to walk all over her”.

Mike the final act for Mstari was next with ‘Vision 2030’. This seemed to touch a certain lady who later approached Mike with an interest to have it performed in some corporate event.

Denis did get called back on stage and this time round decided to do a free style with Kaz on how she faked her orgasm, that was truly nuts but not below the duo.

Just a Band, the 2nd act for the evening were next although with Chuchu conspicously missing. I tend to think that Chuchu is a behind the curtains kind of guy. I have never seen him perform in all the shows I’ve been to by the trio. On his behalf, they had brought a lady on board.

I have alot of admiration and respect for the group that continues to amaze everyone not only with their musical skills but also with their general outlook towards everything. If you want proof, ask about ‘Makmende’. I however tend to think that theirs is the kind of music you would rather listen to recorded as opposed to a live performance. There we were, crowd half drunk but with music they couldn’t stand and start dancing to, it wasn’t a nice feeling. The chilling weather in the place did not help either.

I did manage to walk around saying hallo, marketing my book and guess who my first buyer was! None other than Binyavanga who had just arrived the previous day evening. It felt really weird when he requested me to sign it for me. I felt truly flushed, and took more than a min trying to figure out what to write.

 By the time I was leaving, I had managed to sell several copies and pitch ideas on a possible production of collection.(If you have any more ideas, please hit me up)

Watch out for the next ASAP next month. Till then, enjoy the slideshow.


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