How Come? Yossour N’Dour, Canibus & Wycliffe Jean

Every once in a while amidst all the crunk and bubblegum music even from artists who started out real and then gave in to commercialization somewhere, comes a song that makes you pause and listen.

Thats how come, this track is getting the Friday Feature.

Yossour N’Dour has proved time and again  that he is indeed one of Africa’s great musicians and there is no other Afro artist that can match his diversity, Angelique is however getting close. The guy has done many collaborations with artists of a different genre than his and always managed to make the songs hits. An example is 7 Seconds with Neneh Cherry.

Wycliffe is one person who has been going through lots of phases in his musical career. Sometimes I love him, sometimes I hate him. He has the potential to make very good music as is evident in this video but for sometime he has been caught up in the commercial of music and made some horrible $%$^.

How come is a song that is a collaboration of 2 hip hop artists, Wycliffe Jean, Canibus his prodigy and an African Music artist, Yossour N’dour.

The sound is amazing. may it usher you into the weekend.

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