Benjamin Zephaniah A Highlight at the Storymoja Hay Festival 2010

Poet, novelist and playwright Benjamin Zephaniah will be the highlight at this year’s Storymoja Hay Festival 2010. Born in 15 April 1958, is a British Jamaican Rastafarian writer and dub poet. He is a well-known figure in contemporary English literature, and was included in The Times list of Britain’s top 50 post-war writers in 2008.

Zephaniah has said that his mission is to fight the dead image of poetry in academia, and to “take it everywhere” to people who do not read books”. This ties in very well with the Story Moja, a publishing company that seeks to change the notion that reading is boring by nurturing a reading culture.

Zephaniah has written 15 Poetry books, 5 Novels, 2 plays and produced 6 albums

Last year saw the inauguration of the first Storymoja Hay Festival with the highlight being the celebrated Nigerian writer, Wole Soyinka. Unfortunately, he could not make it but it(the festival) did bring together many writers from Africa and beyond in a 3 day book festivity. (See my recap  here and here)

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