Mines & Mind Fields gets reviewed in the Lifestyle, Sunday Nation 25th July

As I was lazing in the house yesterday, Sunday 25th, I received a call from a fellow poet and blogger informing me that he was reading a review of my book in the day’s newspaper. That took my by surprise as I was not aware that anyone was doing a review of the book.

I quickly dashed to the shop and got myself a copy of the paper and hurriedly perused through it for the article.
And there it was in the lifestyle section, ‘Poetry that embraces nation’s popular culture‘ by Joseph Ngunjiri who also runs the blog, Kenyanbooks/ Maisha yetu.

Its interesting how you can do something on an experimental basis only for it to become something bigger than you expected. Thats how I feel about the book and most of the poems which have varying styles, themes and in some cases, even taking on other personalities. I like the way that Ngunjiri was able to capture the main theme in the poetry collection which is ideally on Kenya’s current culture, Urban Blues as I referred to it. If you missed the read, find a copy of it from the Nation’s Website.

Simon Muthiora, a poet and blogger who runs, Two Hours Before has also reviewed the book.

I hope you will get a chance to come and listen to some of the poems in the book in the two events that I will be performing at over the weekend (here and here) Signed copies of the book will be available for sale.

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