Poem: Dear God

Dear God,
Its me,
I know its been a while but I need your help
They have just announced that my bishop stole an election
Now the glory in you is gone for her prayers to you were answered

You said no
Just like the other men of clothe who have lost faith if you
Now they use action, mass action
Prayer, faith and forgiveness all forgotten
Fighting with MPs for the camera’s attention
On matters of the womb
As if it will determine whether one enters heaven or not
Yet they claim that you died for all our sins
Do they forgive those who abort or those who sodomise young boys?
For I know you do.

You said in the last days many would claim you yet not know you
Hawkers in your name have made you cheap
In buses, streets, cinema halls and parks
With offers of wealth, health and heavenly breath
Our offering, the tithe that bargains the weight of their prayers to you for us

I pray for your curse upon their uncircumcised lips
Uttering your name to the glorification of their egos
Multiplication of their bank figures
Modification of their anatomies
While they rob from you
The sacrifice of our tithed toil
Our souls, the collateral

I hope my prayers to you will be like Kamanda’s

And I will say

“He heard me”

All Rights Reserved ©
Njeri Wangari –Wanjohi
July 2010

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