Somi of hit Single, Ingele gives a hashed performance in Nairobi

Laura Audrey Kabasomi better known as Somi was in Nairobi 2 weeks ago for a performance at a little known No 3 Kanjeta Road, Lavington Nairobi, off General Mathenge on the 7th August.

Known for her hit single Ingele that maintained a Top 10 position on U.S. World Music Charts for several months after its release In 2007, Somi owns her own Label, SanaaHouse Productions and is a child of different worlds.

Born in Champaign, Illinois, her parents are Rwandan & Ugandan. She lived in Zambia for a number of years and even in Kenya and Tanzania while doing medical anthropological research, working with AIDS orphans in Nairobi,  and Dar Es Salaam.

She terms her music; a fusion of an African flavor into Jazz as “holistic New African Jazz”, something that I quite agree with after watching the video to Ingele and listening to tracks from her 3 albums, Eternal Motive (2003), Red Soil in My Eyes (2007), If The Rain Comes First (2009).

Not sure I speak for many when I say that very little was known of Somi’s performance in Nairobi recently and that many like me would have loved to watch her perform, mostly because, this is a Sound that you don’t hear often in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

It looks like Uganda is preceding Kenya in having its artist break into the international limelight. Whats happening to our Helons & Rimbuis

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